Ernest Hemingway Bio

Ketchum  • 
Found this bio of Hemingway at Find A Grave. Nobel Prize in Literature Recipient, Pulitzer Prize Recipient. Ernest Hemingway, an American author, received the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature, according to the Nobel Prize committee "for his mastery of the art of narrative, most recently demonstrated i...

Oregon Trail Landmarks

Meridian  • 
Though people usually took the Oregon Trail from Missouri to the Pacific Northwest, we are headed eastbound. Found this interesting article about the landmarks the pioneers used helping with their west bound journey. Landmarks

Lost to History

Mount Hood  • 
While researching the Indian name for Mt Hood, I have concluded that the name has probably been lost to history. However, an internet search will turn up several legend stories with many similarities and a few differences. The problem with these legend stories is that they all seem to make their app...

Destruction Island

Alder Creek Village  • 
Do you know how Destruction Island got its name? Well, it all started back in 1775 when when a Spanish sailor, Bruno Heceta, anchored off the Island. He sent a small boat to the main land but they did not return. The natives massacred the whole crew who went a shore. Bruno named the area Isla de Dol...

Buckskin Johnny's Cabin

Belle Fourche  • 
Buckskin Johnny built the first home in Butte County, South Dakota back in 1876. However, he never lived in the small cabin with the love of his life. Johnny met this love, Nettie Dobbs, in 1869 in southwest Minnesota. He was a boarder in Nettie's parents home for three years. When she turned 16 and...

Center of the Nation

Bowman, North Dakota  • 
You may be like me and wondering how on earth could anybody truly find the geographical center of a land body as diverse as the United States. Short answer, the experts cannot. But they can contrive a method that will give a good estimate, maybe within plus or minus 20 miles. They used the cardboard...

No Trouble Like Jeep Trouble

Wind Cave  • 
The people parked next to us on the right walked up about the same time of our little discovery issue. I asked them if they had any jumper cables, and they responded in the negative. However, the women was convincing her husband that they should not leave the parking spot until we found some jumper...

Lakota Emergence Story

Wind Cave  • 
In Lakota culture, history is passed down to new generations through the spoken word. There are many different versions of the Emergence Story, varying from band to band and family to family. This version comes from the Cheyenne Creek community on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of the Oglala Lako...

It's a Long Long Crawlway

Jewel Cave National Monument  • 
Prospectors Frank and Albert Michaud are credited with the discovery of Jewel Cave while they were out riding horses through Hell Canyon looking for a place to find gold. They heard a noise that sounded liking rushing air. When they went to investigate they found a hole the size of a ranger hat with...

The Mysterious Dave Mather

Chadron, Nebraska  • 
Another interesting character from Dodge City was Dave Mathers. A small snippet from Wikipedia about his life: Dodge City On June 1, 1883, Mather was hired as an Assistant City Marshal in Dodge City. He served only nine months and was replaced on April 10, 1884, by Tom Nixon, sparking a feud between...

The Tragic Death of Dora Hands

Ogallala, Nebraska  • 
Back at the Boot Hill Museum, there was a display about a young women named Dora Hands who met an untimely death. After doing a little research, I found a Texas connection to her death. I found the information on under the title The Tragic Story of Dora Hand. The story follows: The...

Queen of the Cowtowns

Dodge City, Kansas  • 
Visited the Boot Hill Museum to learn the history of Dodge City and to watch a gunfight. The history started with a discussion of the Plains Indians and their culture of nomad life chasing the buffalo. Their first encounter with Europeans started back in the 1500's when the Spanish were exploring th...

Custer and the Washita Battlefield

Washita Battlefield National Monument, Oklahoma  • 
We spent the afternoon exploring the Washita Battlefield and Visitor Center. The Visitor Center did a good job of laying out the pre battle strategies for both sides and how both sides arrived at their positions. Then the interpretation of the battle was given from the perspective of both sides. Las...

Waco Mammoth National Monument

Waco Mammoth National Monument, Texas  • 
The National Monument status was awarded on July 10, 2015 which enshrined about five acres. The city of Waco still maintains a park of about 100 acres surrounding the National Monument. The whole area is a partnership between the City of Waco, Baylor University, Waco Mammoth Foundation, and now the...

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