Do you know how Destruction Island got its name?

Well, it all started back in 1775 when when a Spanish sailor, Bruno Heceta, anchored off the Island. He sent a small boat to the main land but they did not return. The natives massacred the whole crew who went a shore. Bruno named the area Isla de Dolores (Spanish for 'Island do Sorrows').

In 1787, an English Captain, Charles Barkley, repeated the folly. He sent men a shore at the opening of Hoh River, as the natives called the water running into the Pacific. These men who went ashore were also massacred. Barkley named the water, Destruction River.

Later, the river's name was changed back to the Hoh River in recognition to the tribes who lived along the River. The name 'destruction' was then transferred to the island where the ships had anchored.

In 1891 a Lighthouse was put in operation on the island. The lighthouse was operational until 1995 when the lens was removed and placed on exhibit at the Westport Maritime Museum.