The people parked next to us on the right walked up about the same time of our little discovery issue. I asked them if they had any jumper cables, and they responded in the negative. However, the women was convincing her husband that they should not leave the parking spot until we found some jumper cables. Another gentleman was walking by and heard the conversation and said we could borrow his jumper cables. He went and fetched his cables, gave them to the guy in the truck next to the Jeep, and we hooked up the cables. The Jeep immediately started. When we returned the cables to their owner, the guy said he was cleaning his vehicle out for the trip and had taken the cables out of the car. Then decided to put them back in his car, just in case. 

Well, we were fortunate he put the cables back in the car, and the people next to us were willing to stay put till we got a jump start. God is good to us, all the time.

We decided to return to the campground rather than risk additional problems. Upon return, I did some troubleshooting looking at all the fuses to see if any were bad. No blown fuses were identified, but did verify the battery is dead. The voltage was already down to 6 volts in just a few hours.

Our next door camp mate ran me and the dead battery into town to make an exchange for a good battery. After installing the new battery, the instrument control panel came back to life, our first indication that something was wrong when we left Cathedral Spires yesterday. Unfortunately, the starter will turn the engine over, but she will not start. After some reading in the Jeep Smart's Manual, I finally found a way to disengage the vehicle from Park, get the transfer case in neutral, and make the Jeep towable. Man, what a last couple of days.