Another interesting character from Dodge City was Dave Mathers. A small snippet from Wikipedia about his life:

Dodge City

On June 1, 1883, Mather was hired as an Assistant City Marshal in Dodge City. He served only nine months and was replaced on April 10, 1884, by Tom Nixon, sparking a feud between the two. The feud was further stoked when Dodge City passed "Ordinance No. 83", which outlawed dance halls. The ordinance was enforced against Mather's Opera House Saloon, preventing it from operating as a dance hall, but not against Nixon's Lady Gay Saloon, which also featured dancing. In retaliation, Mather began a price war on beer, charging only five cents a glass—half the price of his competitors. Nixon and the other Dodge City saloon owners pressured the beer wholesalers to cut off Mather's supply. The feud resulted in gunfire on July 18, 1884, when Nixon shot Mather but only wounded him slightly. Nixon posted bond on charges of attempted murder.

Three days later on July 21, Mather shot and killed Nixon during another confrontation. Despite supporting testimony from Bat Masterson and Dodge City Sheriff Patrick Sughrue, Mather's case was sent to trial. His attorney obtained a change of venue to Ford County and the trial began on December 29, 1884. It lasted only three days and, on December 31, the jury deliberated only seven minutes before declaring Mather not guilty. The Kinsley Mercury wrote that "the verdict was a proper one, as the weight of the testimony showed that Nixon was the aggressor in the affray and that Mather was justified in the shooting."The Dodge City Times noted that "the reading of the verdict, by the court, was interrupted by demonstrations of approval from the audience."

Side note in the Boot Hill Museum claimed that Mathers went to Nixon's Saloon to wait for Nixon to show himself. Nixon entered the saloon and headed up the stairs to his room.

Mather's called out to Nixon and said, “You have lived long enough.” Then shot him graveyard dead.

A second interesting story of Mathers was told in the on-site Church. Seems the Pastor had been trying to convert Dave, and so Mysterious Dave showed up one Sunday for a church service. At the alter call, Mysterious Dave stood up and claimed that he had found the Lord during the service. And because the Pastor did such a good job of telling how good heaven was, Dave thought it best that he kill the Pastor and congregation right then and there and send them on their way to heaven. He pulled his gun and fired a shot over the Pastor's head. The rest of the congregation began to take cover behind the pews. Dave headed for the door as he fired off a few more shots, then said, “You bunch of hypocrites, does not look like anybody wants to go to heaven today.” and walked out the door, never to return.